What Would You Ask George Hincapie? Send Us Your Questions!


We’re working on an interview with The Man (aka: George Hincapie) and we’d like to include some of your questions. Here’s your chance to find out what you want to know.  We’ll pick the best ones and include them in our interview.

Just leave you question in the comments section on this post on or before November 20.

We did this previously with Specialized’s marketing guy Nic Sims…click here to read that interview.


Jonathan - 11/13/09 - 11:18pm

George, will you be racing the Giro in 2010?

Ian Ellis - 11/14/09 - 12:19am

Clearly you have a love of the spring classics, yet you spent many years on teams that were principally focused on Grand Tours (and the TdF specifically). Why did you not move to a classics team ? and do you now regret not making such a move a few years ago ?

Mtbxcjan - 11/14/09 - 2:56am

Are you ashamed of stealing this stage-win at the TdF?

Christine Matthews - 11/14/09 - 3:39am

How long do you hope to carry on racing, how many Tour de France starts are you hoping to do ?

Brian - 11/14/09 - 1:10pm

George, 1) what are some of your hobbies/interests while off the bike? 2) What is going through your mind in those big moments during races, such as this past TdF when you were in the break and you know you’re not getting caught or when you are up front in the closing kms at a race like Paris Roubaix? Good luck with BMC!

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