Trek’s President John Burke: Spend More On Bike Advocacy!

This 23+ minute video shows John Burke, Trek’s President, at the Taipei Bike Show describing how bike companies should divert money from marketing and R&D to help promote bicycling in cities throughout the world. Genius. Make communities bicycle friendly and more people will ride their bikes! More bikes will be sold, people will be healthier–gasp! healthcare costs will go down… Good feelings all around.

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Dr. Thompson Found Guilty on All Counts in L.A. Road Rage Case

Dr. Thompson Found Guilty on All Counts in L.A. Road Rage Case


Dr. Christopher Thomas Thompson was found guilty on Monday of assaulting cyclists and could face up to five years in prison.

Thompson, who abruptly stopped his car in front of two cyclists, was handcuffed and ordered held without bail following the guilty verdict by the Los Angeles Superior Court Jury.  He was charged with six felonies and one misdemeanor.

Thompson was accused of assault with a deadly weapon, reckless driving causing specified bodily injury, battery with serious bodily injury and mayhem. The most serious charges stem from a July 4, 2008, incident on Mandeville Canyon Road, the road where Thompson lives, where he was accused of abruptly stopping his car in front of two cyclists. Other charges relate to a similar incident on the same road that did not result in injuries.

Get the full story on VeloNews, photo by Chris Roberts.

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IMBIKEMAG Launches Issue 2!

IMBIKEMAG Launches Issue 2!

IMBIKEMAG international mountain bike Launches Issue 2! bikerumor bike im magazine trail guide cycling

Check out their second edition here.

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Interbike 2009 – Look 596 Track and Time Trial Bikes and New Alloy 496 Track Fixie

Interbike 2009 – Look 596 Track and Time Trial Bikes and New Alloy 496 Track Fixie

bikerumor look interbike 2009 track bike 596 cycling

INTERBIKE 2009 – Look Cycles was showing off several new track bikes, some that won’t ever see the florescent light of day at your local shop, some that are meant for elite racers and the new aluminum ALP 496 that should be showing up under hipsters with real jobs soon.

The bike above falls into the first category, but shows off how sweet the new bikes look, and it’s not that far off from the full carbon 596 Track bicycle that you buy…assuming you’re pretty serious about racing the planks, it’s $10,999.99. Fortunately, the frame on the 596 is the same shape and weight and has many of the same features as the 596 Track, but comes in at less than half the price, and comparatively, the aluminum ALP 496 frameset is a bargain.

Hit more to see them all with specs, pricing and details…

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Interbike 2009 – Time Road, Mountain and Commuter Bicycle Shoes and Pedals

Interbike 2009 – Time Road, Mountain and Commuter Bicycle Shoes and Pedals


INTERBIKE 2009 – Time Sports had their new i-Clic road pedals on display in several models, plus their new Allroad Gripper clipless pedals that feature their ATAC system on one side and a replaceable platform on the other, letting you ride your bike with both cycling and normal shoes.

Speaking of shoes, Time also has some new road, mountain and triathlon shoes.  The Road and Tri are Ulteam models with carbon soles and the mountain bike shoe has a carbon sole with some aggressive TPU treads.

Above is the bottom of the i-Clic pedal and the cleat.  Hit ‘more’ to see the various models with specs, weights and pricing…

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Trigger Point Therapy’s New Grid Massage Roller

Trigger Point Therapy’s New Grid Massage Roller

bikerumor trigger point therapy grid massage roller cycling training recovery bike

Trigger Point Therapy ( has developed The Grid, a foam massage roller that mimics the feel of a massage with a human hand, allowing you to tailor the feel from broad (palm) to focused (finger tip). The Grid uses less EVA foam, which TP Therapy says will allow it to retain its shape better without breaking down, making it good for daily use.

Their “Distrodensity Foam Zones” let you control the level and intensity of the massage, and they claim it offers some of the benefits of Myofascial Release Therapy. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with their new SMRT-CORE DVD, which combines core strength and stability training with self-massage.

It measures 13″ long by 5″ in diameter and retails for 39.99.

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Julie Dibens Three-Peats Xterra World Championship

Julie Dibens Three-Peats Xterra World Championship

bontrager-julie-dibensBontrager athlete Julie Dibens became the first athlete in history to win three consecutive Xterra World Championships, racing to victory in Sunday’s 28.5 mile event around the Makena Beach & Golf Resort in Maui, Hawaii. With her win, Julie Dibens also became the fourth member of an exclusive group of three-time Xterra World Championship winners. Riding a Trek Top Fuel outfitted with a variety of Bontrager components, Julie Dibens finished with a record time of 2:56:42.

The Xterra World Championship is an off-road triathlon consisting of a 1.5 km swim, a 30 km bike course and an 11 km run. Julie came out of the water in second place, trailing the leader by 38 seconds. Within 5 minutes of beginning the bike portion of the race, she had moved into the lead and never looked back. Her blistering pace set the fastest women’s bike split of the day at 1:42:48, a pace faster than an Olympic silver medalist and other World Cup-level mountain bikers also competing. She entered the run with a sizable cushion and finished the race seven and a half minutes before the next female athlete.

This press release is from Trek, who included the Bontrager spec list on her bike.  Hit ‘more’ to see what she’s riding…

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Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Fondriest By Night

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Fondriest By Night


“Fondriest by night” submitted by Antonio Verdejo and taken in his hometown of Orihuela, Spain (the hometown of the famous Spanish poet Miguel Hernández).

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