Safe Cycling Public Service Announcement…With Legos!

A bicycle safety message made better by using stop motion filming and legos from  Legos make everything better…like a spoonful of sugar.

Actually, Transportation Alternatives, a NYC cycling advocacy group, has a Biking Rules PSA Film Fest coming on November 17 at 7pm at BAM Rose Cinemas, followed by a reception at Brooklyn Brewery.  Just don’t forget everything you just watched by the time you’re riding home from the brewery.


Kristibee - 10/26/09 - 8:27pm


Stephen - 10/27/09 - 3:19pm

you gotta pause it right when the lego dude gets hit and look at his face!!!

[…] too much time on his hands and alerting us to the freeze-frame face of the Lego cyclist in the bicycle safety PSA video right when he’s about to get nailed by the car.  Sweet. Email | 2 Views | Add a […]

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