Unpopular Bicycle Maintenance Tip

unpopular-bicycle-maintenance-tipCourtesy of Unpopular-culture.com comes this handy dandy bicycle tip:  Don’t try to loosen your crank bolts whilst your head is over the top tube.

Read their experience with this first hand, it’s rather humorous (because it didn’t happen to us).  Hint: Esophageal trauma.  And here we we’ve been so worried about slamming our fingers into the gears…silly us.


Ron - 10/24/09 - 5:41pm

While thats not so extreme, turns out if you’re working on your bike when kept upside down and if your leg slips or something of that sort, your face or neck could smack right into the sharp fork dropouts. Although a theoretical scenario, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. See : http://cozybeehive.blogspot.com/2008/03/human-error-vs-redesign.html

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