‘Joe Bike’ Bicycle Shop’s Bikes for Clunkers Program

Inc. Magazine recently featured Joe Bike, a Portland, OR, bicycle shop, for their “Bikes for Clunkers” program.  While the misguided waste of taxpayer dollars that was the Cash for Clunkers deals ended this Summer, Joe Doebele, owner of Joe Bike, decided they’d offer a discount on bicycles for anyone who donated their old car or bicycle.

Initially, it was just bikes, but the idea expanded and he pulled in help from the American Lung Association, who has a vehicle donation program in place and would accept and tow the vehicle from donors.

Even better, he’s partnered with Zipcar to offer a discounted membership for donors, and six other nonprofit orgs have joined in, and Joe has decided to extend the month-long promotion through the end of the year…maybe longer.  Plus, according to the B4C website (which is seriously under development), two other area shops are participating, too.  Cool.


seriously? - 10/15/09 - 12:17pm

“the misguided waste of taxpayer dollars that was the Cash for Clunkers deals ended this Summer” whoa, didn’t realize glenn beck worked for bike rumor.

Gary K. - 10/16/09 - 2:11am

I would agree with the sentiment it was was a misguided program. The car industry has been a never ending subsidy that chips away at the sustainability of our planet and results in more fatalities in America then the gun industry several times over. Any number of things could have been done to put people back to work and stimulate the economy and produce more substantial fuel savings. Public transit projects for example produce more jobs per dollar than automobile investments, and it’s greener then a couple MPG savings while also improving congested conditions in cities and improving land use patterns.

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