Nintendo Wii Stationary Bike Controller


Cyberbike Cycling Sports comes from European game publisher Bigben Interactive.  According to various sources, the system is due out January 2010 with 18 different courses, unlockable content and multiplayer capabilities.  It should also work with Mario Kart (awesome!) and will likely end up working other games in the future…driving games would be sweet, as would tying in with a developer to ride full and truncated versions of the Tour de France routes!

Hit ‘more’ for VIDEO OF THE GAME IN ACTION and other photos…

Oh, yeah, it does come with a game.  You’re a super green citizen that rides all over the world and cleans up the planet.  Say it with me: Pedal Power!

Ooo-ooo, I know, Goldsprintz game!  Rollapaluza, are you listening?  I smell a licensing opportunity…


She looks so smug because she can afford to exercise in a polo shirt, therefore she is better than you.  “You’re fat, You’re Stupid, Share the Wii


Via and kotaku.  And yes, I categorized this under “Training”.


@Slonie - 10/14/09 - 5:10pm

I’m sold by the last screenshot, because it reminds me of Namco’s brilliant Prop Cycle.

Andreas - 10/14/09 - 5:29pm

She does look amazingly smug doesn’t she!! Good find on the video hadn’t seen that before now though it is very poorly made. I wonder what she is off to do after she walks away, maybe shes off to go spend some time with her perfect kids in her perfect house in the perfect neighbourhood where she gets to be smug with other polo shirt wearing people

Scott Weiss - 10/14/09 - 11:59pm

Odd, I can’t find the Mii face combination to create “smug”

But the “lustfully evil” one I just made looks very similar to her

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Andy - 10/17/09 - 10:02am

I only hope the bike isn’t all cheap and plastic. If it will last, I’ll be all over this.

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