Interbike 2009 – Camelbak’s New Podium Ice Insulated Bottle


INTERBIKE 2009Camelbak was showing off a handful of their new Podium Ice insulated water bottles.  Since we reviewed their current bottles, including the ChillJacket insulated version, with the summary of “Best Water Bottle Ever,” we may have to throw this one to the top of the heap when we get a chance to ride with it.

The Podium Ice uses Aerogel, an extreme loft insulation that won’t break down with movement (ie. you squeezing it repeatedly), so it’ll keep its insulating properties at 100% for the life of the bottle.  While the current ChillJacket version promises 2x the insulating power, the Podium Ice promises 4x.

Seeing as how the ChillJacket kept my water cold on a summer ride for more than two hours, this new one should be all you’ll need.  At $20 MSRP, it ain’t cheap for a 21oz bottle, but can you really put a price on a cold drink on a blistering ride?  We didn’t think so.  Other stats:

  • Bottle Weight: 120g
  • Water Volume: 620 ml (21 oz)
  • Bottle Material: TruTasteâ„¢ Polypropylene
  • Anti-Microbial: HydroGuardâ„¢
  • Features CamelBak’s always open, always shut JetValveâ„¢
  • Available in three colors: frost/blue, frost/black and frost/white
  • Retail Availability: March 1, 2010


cheeken - 09/29/09 - 12:08am

MMmm….do I smell a contest comin’ on? :)

anthony - 09/29/09 - 1:09am

I was so excited until the last line. 2010! Guess my chill jackets will have to work for a bit longer.

quiverteam - 09/29/09 - 6:06am

If you are interested in aerogel insulated bottles, we have an aerogel sleeve coming out before christmas. take a look at the website. all comments appreciated

Editor - 09/29/09 - 9:59am

eh, you won’t need them in the Winter anyway…

Quiverteam, use the “Submit Tip” button and send us a link to/photo of your sleeves and we’ll post it.

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