Interbike 2009 – Sillgey and Bulloüs


INTERBIKE  2009 – New for 2010, Sillgey has introduced their own line of anodized components under the Bulloüs name. Similar to the WORKS line that launched earlier this year, the Bulloüs components are fixie related and available in a wide range of colors. The new line includes stems, head sets, bottom brackets, seatposts, crank set bolts, chainrings, cogs, lock rings and saddles. A few subtle frame changes for 2010 are the new drop outs and pins also by Bulloüs.

More pics and a few specs below…

Headsets are offered as 1-1/8inch threadless and 1inch threaded and are available in black, gold (above), red and silver.

Chainrings are BCD 130 mm, 47T and available in black, blue, gold, green, purple, red and silver.


The alloy CNC Stems are 1-1/8”, have a diameter of 25.4mm x 26.8 mm, 50 mm extension, and are available in six colors: Green, pink, black, blue, purple and titanium.


Alloy seat posts are all 27.2 mm diameter and 350 mm in length. They are available in CP, black, blue, purple, red, titanium and white.


This is the new Bulloüs pin featured on all the Sillgey frame including the Piccolo.


Dale - 09/24/09 - 10:08am

“Bulloüs”… “Bulloüs” ? Who is doing the marketing for these folks? Ai yi yi….

DRA - 10/09/09 - 3:21am

Cool!! Bulloüs design x sillgey
I saw the booth.wooden wall.that was very nice design!

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