Quick Interbike Update: Ghostly White Fixie, New Gu Flavor, and a $14,500 bike!

interbike2009-rocky-mtn-ghostly-white-fixieRocky Mountain Bikes’ Ghostly White fixie

More info to come later. Until then, check out these photos for a little taste of what’s to come. For now, we’re in Vegas Baby! (sorry, had to rub it in)

Hit ‘more’ for the other pics…

interbike2009-pineapple-gu-roctaneNew Pineapple Gu Roctane flavor… sounds good.

interbike-2009-14500-moulton-speed-stainless-steel-20bike$14,500 Moulton Speed stainless steel 20″ bike.

As more people are riding bikes and forgoing their cars I guess we’ll see more of these ‘car priced’ bikes? What to do with all that extra money I’ll save by not driving a car…buy a bike priced like a car!


Tywin - 09/24/09 - 8:10am

$14,500?!?! That thing is ugly as sin. Ew…

Liking the fixie though.

Eric - 09/24/09 - 11:35am

Please, stop with the fixie term.

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