First Looks: Canfield Crampon Flat Pedals, Felt Chromed Fixie, Crank Bro’ s 29er Cobalt Wheels


Profile of the new Canfield Crampon Flat Pedal

Hit ‘more’ for the rest…


Felt’s Chromed Fixie (you can check your ‘do in the reflection)


New Crank Brothers’ 29er Cobalt Wheels


[…] them on a bike on our previous post. We’ll have more details coming soon… Email | 1 Views | Add a […]

Editor - 09/22/09 - 11:08pm

That’s a Titus Rockstar 29er wearing the Cobalt wheels…very sexy, but they didn’t have any to demo. We’ll get the full scoop on that bike indoors (hint: Hydroformed Ti front triangle with carbon rear swingarm…daaaaaaammmnnnn!)

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