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Cadillac announced an upcoming promotion hoping to connect cyclist’s interests in riding and driving Cadillacs. Through September 30, you can take a test drive of any vehicle in the CTS portfolio, and receive a complimentary Cadillac-branded Giordana cycling jersey. To participate in the offer, simply fill out this form and take it along on your test drive. I’d love to see a CTS with a Yakima High Roller on top.

UPDATE 12/16/09: Due to the overwhelming number of comments on this post (and our own curiosity about the program), we contacted Bicycling to get some answers…see what’s up on this post.  Also, the jersey shown here is not the actual item you’re getting…that one’s here.

UPDATE 1/30/10: Apparently they’re shipping! Can’t wait to get mine…


cheeken - 09/18/09 - 4:41pm

Hmmm…this is complicated: I hear Giordana jersey’s are pretty good, the retail value is $100, but do I want to ride around with a HUGE Caddy emblem on my chest? And do I want to be subjected to a high-pressure sales job?

Decisions, decisions…

WestSiderRider - 09/18/09 - 6:34pm

GM did a promotion like this a couple years ago with Saab. When I went to the Saab dealership, the sales guy asked me if I just wanted him to sign off on the form. I love driving so I did the test drive. It seems like a win-win situation to me. The only thing was that it took a long time for the jersey to arrive. Just when I forgot about it, it showed up in the mail.

Not exactly a Yakima High Roller on the CTS, but close:

Kristibee - 09/18/09 - 6:49pm

C’mon Cheeken, you can do it!

Daniel - 09/18/09 - 9:23pm

Thanks for the heads up WestSiderRider. THAT’S what I call a team vehicle!

Editor - 09/18/09 - 10:06pm

I’ve already done it… and the CTS sedan is no joke, it HAULS! The local dealer has had the new Sportwagon, which is what I really wanted to drive, on order for weeks and can’t get them. Likewise with the new SRX (equally BA), they had one in the showroom but not even the employees were allowed to drive it. Not that I can afford it, but the forthcoming Turbo SRX is the one to watch for. Mmmmm…turbo.

jp - 09/18/09 - 10:31pm

excuse my rant but…fuck cadillac! fuck cars! fuck fuel suckers! long live bicycles!!!

Jace A. - 09/19/09 - 8:13pm

Took my insert from Bicycling magazine and went to my local Cadillac dealer. I was upfront with them and said that I’d test drive if they wanted me too but I really just wanted their signature. They appreciated it, signed my card and one stated he wanted to get one too! Now just have to wait 3 months and see if I was lucky enough to get one… And I think a bike rack on a CTS would look really weird, by the way.

Ivan - 09/29/09 - 2:58pm

Just did it!

Craig - 11/26/09 - 9:51pm

I took my Bicycling mag insert to the local dealer, they were cool and signed it without the test drive, but that was three months ago. We did talk about a new Tahoe though, it seemed like a better bike rig. Has anyone received their jersey yet? Happy Thanksgiving.

Editor - 11/27/09 - 12:42pm

I took mine in within a week of receiving my issue and had them sign it, then faxed it in ( I did test drive a caddy, and may go back to test drive the new SRX if I can make time). Still nothing in the mail…

Brian - 12/04/09 - 3:56pm

Still waiting on the snail mail to deliver my jersey. Going on three months now….

Nancy - 12/07/09 - 6:00pm

I faxed my form into Bicycling on 9/20/09 (did take the test drive). Still waiting for jersey to arrive. I have tried calling Bicycling. Got an 800 number. I think someone in India answered. They didn’t know anything about the promotion. I used the Chat online feature on the Bicycling website. They said they did not have any record of receiving my fax. They said they would forward my concern on to their head office in Pennsylvaia. I asked for a phone number but they would not give me one. I am skeptical.

Harry C. Risher - 12/07/09 - 6:32pm

I took my Bicycling Mag and Cadillac to my dealer ,completed the drive and got dealer code and salesman’s required signature and sent it to Emmaus,Pa over 3 1/2 months ago—-SO FAR NOTHING !! Is this a Cadillac SCAM–after all the TAXPAYERS bailed out Cadillac and GM,so they should have extra millions$$ to spend and their Debts were erased too !! So make good on your SHIRT OFFER GM !! At least some of our TAXPAYER BAILOUT MONEY will come back to U.S. Taxpayers who keep in shape and love Bicycling. Send the Promised Shirts !

Jim - 12/14/09 - 4:51pm

Just checked my mailbox, heart full of hope, only to walk away with more disappointment. At what point do we consider this Cadillac jersey a bad promise? Like the rest of you, I went to the local dealer, got the signature and code, and mailed in the card. Over twelve weeks later, I’ve got nothing. Unfortunately for all of us, Harry is right, this situation smells like a bad scam from what proved to be a bad company. Maybe next year we will be sending in for a jersey from Honda or Toyota, they seem to be pretty reliable.

ChrisatGita - 12/16/09 - 10:04am

The Giordana Cadillac jerseys are in production and will be in the states the middle of Janaury. They were not approved until November. I am guessing that Bicycling Magazine had to wait for all entries before placing the official order. BTW – the jersey pictured above looks nothing like the real thing.

chuck - 12/16/09 - 10:05am

Jeez, do you guys not read or can you not count! The promotion clearly stated the the jerseys would be sent 12 weeks after the close of the promotion. That means you shouldn’t expect them until Jan. 2010.

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Nancy - 12/16/09 - 7:51pm

I got a call from Bicycling magazine today. The jerseys were supposed to reach us all before Dec. 31 (which was 12 weeks after 9/30/09 deadline for entry) but due to an overwhelming response they had to get a lot more jerseys made. I was told they are being made right now in Italy and would definitely get to us but they would be a month or so late.

The crazy thing is how hard it was to get any answers. No one seemed to know anything – emails, phone calls, chat online didn’t get me too far.

Dave Koerner - 12/21/09 - 9:16pm

Thanks guys for giving me hope, I too filled the form out, went for the ride, did like the car and have been patiently waiting for the Jersey. I am a bit older than the rest of you so just hope I can live long enough to get a chance to us it.

Glenda Dees(westsidegrls) - 01/01/10 - 5:04pm

I sent my form in on Sept.2,09.I’m still waiting too.When it does come. I’ll wear it with pride.I’m a beginner rider for a year now.And buying my gear one piece at a time.So it will be nice to own a jersey instead of a t-shirt.Good thing’s come to those who wait!

RJ - 01/12/10 - 1:39am

I too was expecting a jersey about time for Christmas, but it has not arrived. Thanks to those who were able to chase down and post a progress report. And folks, we could afford to be patient. After all, it’s a short sleeve jersey and in most of the country, you won’t be able to wear it until spring anyway. Cadillac is a quality company with a reputation to protect. They aren’t going to welch on the offer.

Roy Cope - 01/26/10 - 12:41am

In response to my inquiry to Bicycling magazine on 1/11/10 as to the whereabouts of my jersey.
I received the posting below from Bicycling Magazine. So far I have not received my jersey.

Roy Cope

Hi Roy,
Sorry for the delay in shipping the jerseys; we had more than double the participants in the program that we were expecting and it took longer than planned to produce the custom jersey order in Italy. The jerseys arrived in our distribution center last Friday and they’ll be mailed this week; you are on the roster and will receive a jersey.
Thanks for your patience, and please keep an eye on your mailbox.

Ronpadz - 01/30/10 - 4:49pm

Just got my Cadillac Jersey from the Bicycling magazine test drive promotion today. It’s made by Giordana and the Large I ordered is too small. If any one has an XL they want to swap let me know. Looks really cool! Never worn — tags still on it.


Bill F. - 01/30/10 - 8:57pm

Got mine in the mail today. Awesome jersey! Teaming up with six of my buddies for the TOSRV in May. Guess what we’ll be wearing on opening day.

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Phil B. - 02/02/10 - 7:17am

Got mine on Feb 1…size is perfect…good looking, too!

Steve R - 02/04/10 - 8:17am

Got my jersey today. For some reason they sent me an XL. Anyone looking to trade for an L?

Howie B. - 02/04/10 - 11:39am

Got mine today!

annette k - 02/04/10 - 5:22pm

i luv mine… it today also!!

Roy Cope - 02/04/10 - 11:37pm

Got my jersey today, very nice. Worth the wait

RJ - 02/05/10 - 6:24pm

Steve R., Still looking for a large? My L fits pretty snug, so I could probably use the XL.

RJ - 02/05/10 - 6:33pm

I forgot to mention that this is a very nice jersey. Thank you to Cadillac, Rodale Press and Bicycling Magazine!

Tom Kowalinski - 02/09/10 - 10:00am

I need a XX Large as X Large too small. Anybody with XX large that wants to trade?


Jim - 02/09/10 - 8:54pm

I actually wrote mine off as a lost cause having faxed in my form and not hearing anything for 15 weeks or so…..then last week I got in this great black Cadillac jersey……like it a lot more than the one pictured………very satisfied…

Ronpadz - 02/10/10 - 12:35pm

Anyone who tried to contact me about a Cadillac jersey swap of an XL for L please try again. There was a problem with the email account I was using. (See above thread)



email email me

mike - 04/04/10 - 9:21pm

i would love to purchase one of these from someone. I have a cadillac and just started cycling and would love to get a jersey. I usually wear a medium but probably could fit into a large as well.

Please email me.

patrick - 08/12/10 - 1:39pm

can you send me on i love it an i am on a team

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