Sound Defense Doesn’t Care Who Let the Dogs Out

Sound Defense is keeping the look and technology of their dog-stopping product completely secret until Interbike, but the video shows it in action…to a hip hop beat, none the less.  Snoop would be turning in his grave…

Of course, you could just ride faster.


Kristibee - 09/17/09 - 10:21am

‘course, Snoop’s not dead yet.

Editor - 09/17/09 - 11:03am

I think I meant the other kind of “rolling”

cheeken - 09/17/09 - 12:15pm

I hope that you guys can find time to followup with this product at Interbike, because I’m genuinely curious about what their tech is on this.

And also, does it work on coyotes? Because I’ve had a couple run-ins with coyotes that left my chamois a little messy. :)

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