New Rideout Womens-Specific Saddle with Bamboo Cover


Ladies, want a performance-inspired womens-specific saddle with a carbon fiber base and technical bamboo cover?  Look no further than the 300g Rideout.

The Rideout Women’s Saddle features a thermoplastic shell with carbon fiber supports to dampen vibration.  It’s molded to fit a woman’s anatomy and uses silicone (gel, we presume) padding underneath a “high tech” fiber made from bamboo.  Bamboo is a naturally wicking and anti-microbial material, and Rideout claims it stays cooler in direct sun, too, so you with neither burn your hoo-ha nor cut off blood flow to it.

I’m not sure what OM-RC is, but the seat rails are made out of it.


Wes - 09/15/09 - 12:45am

“OM-RC” is “CR-MO.”


The picture is just flipped.

Ghost Rider - 09/15/09 - 6:35am

It’s a reversed photo image. The rails really read “CR MO”. You know, as in “chromoly”.

Kristibee - 09/15/09 - 8:29am

mmmm yep. there’s just not a keyboard button for *sarcasm*

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