Karma Army: New Website to Protect Your Gear


Senan Gorman, Founder of North Pole Design, recently launched KarmaArmy.com. The new site aims to help recover stolen bikes, skis, boards, etc. by creating a localized, national & international community of like-minded active folks.

In the event of a bike theft, the victim can send out a KarmaAlert which is then sent to the entire membership, as well as those subscribing to the rss feed (police, campus security, bike/ski/board shops, etc.) and each of their respective networks.

Members can also use their profile to store serial#’s, photos (pre-theft), descriptions of all your gear; so that info is in ONE place ready to go for police reports and insurance claims.

The site was just highlighted in 8/26 copy of the Wall Street Journal in an article on Bike Theft!


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