Did I Win?

Thanks to Gary for the tip!  This is from the Soundpony Street Sprints held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kevin and Tyrone in a head-to-head sprint with Kevin pulling out of his pedals right before the line. It was a much nastier crash than the video shows.

Did he win?  Take a guess, then hit more to find out…

Yes, he won.


WestSiderRider - 09/03/09 - 3:29pm

That’s painful to watch. His reaction is awesome though!

cheeken - 09/03/09 - 3:38pm

The next thing he probably said was, “Is my bike OK?”

Scott Weiss - 09/03/09 - 3:55pm

Tyrone owes you a beer.

spokejunky - 09/04/09 - 8:31am

If it’s a USAC race, then nope he didn’t win:

1Q9. Competitors may make no progress unaccompanied by a bicycle [relegation or disqualification]. In the case of a crash, they may run with their bicycles to the finish line, staying on the course.

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