Specialized Steel Lugged Langster


American Cyclery just put up a few pics via Twitter of new Specialized steel Langsters with lugged crown steel forks.  Retro-licious!  Looks like $400 for frameset, available in sizes ranging from 49 to 61cm.


thomas burton - 09/02/09 - 2:58pm

Dunno… but that looks like a lugless frame fm this photo…

thomas burton - 09/02/09 - 2:59pm

My bad, its a lugged *fork*.

David Lewis - 09/02/09 - 6:18pm

Sigh … got me all excited there for a minute. Something about a lugged frame …

Editor - 09/02/09 - 8:40pm

yeah…we lured you in with that luggelicious headline.

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