28 Gram Carbon Bottle Cage… $19 at Wal-Mart


Seriously, I’ve seen heavier carbon cages for twice as much or more.  Who hates Wal-Mart now?


Slonie - 08/26/09 - 4:10pm

Walmart is giving you the Prodeal!

Superstantial - 08/26/09 - 5:49pm

Still hate Walmart.
Great blog, though.

Rozzie - 08/26/09 - 9:59pm

who hates BELL for selling to um..?

Editor - 08/26/09 - 10:07pm

Hopefully no one… poor people need carbon parts on their bikes, too!

topmounter - 08/26/09 - 10:37pm

Not to mention, you can pick-up a fresh new bike for less than the price of a Ti King Cage at the Wal-marts !!!!!1!

Yannig - 08/27/09 - 6:26am

Maybe we’ll have to deal with that kind of promotional stuff in the future… Woolworth Germany went bankrupt this year and now wants to sell branded clothes (Adidas, Puma, Nike etc.) for half the retail price, and the brands don’t appreciate that! Other example : the retailer Metro had Hercules bikes (Accell Group) in its selection, while the Dutch brand claimed never having sold bikes to Metro…

Brands, select your retailers ! Otherwise you’ll have nasty surprises

spokejunky - 08/27/09 - 8:12am

Sorry, I still support my LBS as opposed to China. Call me crazy.

Zach - 08/27/09 - 11:21am

Well, I’ll have satisfaction when that cage comes in on a schwinn, mounted upside down of course.

Billy - 08/27/09 - 2:47pm

Just checked their site and saw they have a 16 gram one for 39.00

Superstantial - 08/28/09 - 8:25pm

Rozzie @9:59 – OK, f bell too.
Editor @ 10:07 – no, no they don’t. It’s a luxury; no one “needs” any carbon parts on anything.
spokejunky @ 8:12am – I like you.

JustNick - 10/09/09 - 11:18pm

I just bought one earlier to day for $21.74 exact. I was shocked. At first I thought it was fake. Really @ Walmart, and its made by Bell? It’s worth it though. I was going to buy 2 but I wanted mine to match. i didn’t want to diff. ones my $1400 bike. The bad thing is I can’t find one @ the Walmart near me. I just happened to stop at one near Georgia.

Ian - 12/08/09 - 5:51pm

Just found one at my local walmart today as I was shopping for snow chains. Total impulse buy but worth it!!

JesusM&J - 04/08/10 - 10:31pm

yeah, I saw them and I looked real hard to make sure they were actually carbon, and I took both they had. No way I was gonna let them sit there at the WM. I love my LBS too, but I know that owner shops at WM too. Seen him there. Who is he supporting. I ain’t casting no stones. Please don’t hit me Superstantial. Good night.

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