New Dahon IOS Folding Bike w/ Integrated Electonics, Phone Charger


Dahon will unveil the new IOS line of folding bikes at Eurobike in a couple weeks.  The new line takes everything they know about making folding bicycles and shrinks it, strengthens it and adds integrated electronics to power built-in lights and charge your phone, GPS or whatever.

The IOS takes advantage of hydroformed aluminum tubing to provide a full-size bike that’s as sturdy as a traditional commuter, but folds down to the size of a 20″ wheel.  The stem (patented) is adjustable, giving you the option of riding upright or in a more speedy, performance-oriented position.  Borrowing from our idea (actually, they thought of it first…which makes us look lame), the seatpost has an integrated pump.  The integrated headlamp and charger are powered by a hub dynamo, which can power most small consumer electronics.  Pricing will be €999 to 1,499, available everywhere in 2010.

dahon-ios-folding-bicycle-5 dahon-ios-folding-bicycle-3 dahon-ios-folding-bicycle-2 dahon-ios-folding-bicycle-1


S-S - 08/27/09 - 2:50am

It may folds down to the size of a 20″ wheel, but it’s a 24″ wheel bike. See
Take also a look to the chain:

[…] on the heels of its BioLogic USB recharging kit for the bike, Dahon is introducing something to actually hold the iPhone it’s charging. […]

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