Lance Armstrong Wins Leadville 100, Wiens Takes 2nd, Rebecca Rusch Wins Women’s


Lance finishing on a nearly flat rear tire | Thanks to Chris Frazier for the pic!

Yeah, you’ve probably already read this somewhere else. But, just in case you used the weekend to ride, play with the kids and/or otherwise enjoy the day like we did, here’s the news:

Lance Armstrong set a new course record at the Leadville Traill 100 with a finish time of 6:28:51, more than 15 minutes faster than the record set by Dave Wiens last year of 6:45:45. Wiens finished second this year with a time of 6:57:02, followed by Matt Shriver (who gave an early pace-setting push to the field), Alex Grant, Len Zanni, Max Taam, Travis Brown and Manuel Prado.

Armstrong mimicked Wien’s finish from ’08 by rolling across the line with a virtually flat rear tire. Rebecca Rusch, two three-time World Solo champion, crossed the line in 8:15:00 to win the women’s field.

Get the full race report on VeloNews.  RELATED: Our interview with Dave Wiens and Rebecca Rusch (two, video here and words here).

Armstrong rode the last 60 miles on his own

Armstrong wins 2009 Leadville Trail 100 | photo by Steve Frothingham for VeloNews


dicky - 08/17/09 - 12:17pm

Even though I am certain she has a remarkable disdain for me, I have to correct you on your Rusch facts.

She’s a threepeater at the 24 Hour Worlds.

Editor - 08/17/09 - 2:12pm

Thanks Dicky, I fixed the post. You’d think after we did two interviews with her we could’ve gotten that right! Sheesh!

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