Travis Brown’s Trek Top Fuel w/ SRAM Red and XX Mix


Apparently Travis Brown is readying himself for the mostly fireroad Leadville 100 course with a modified Trek Top Fuel equipped with drop bars.  Mounted on those bars are SRAM Red shifter / brake levers mated to an XX drivetrain.

When SRAM’s XX set up launched, it was noted that the group moved away from their prior 1:1 Actuation range to match their road side’s Exact Actuation, meaning the XX shifters and derailleurs wouldn’t be interchangeable with their X.O or lower parts, but it would work with their road shifters.  Well, here’s the first example of such cross breeding in the wild…we expected it come cyclocross season, but this’ll do.

We’re still rootin’ for Dave Wiens, though…


C BMC - 08/14/09 - 4:51pm

I have not raced the LT 100 but from all the descriptions of flat sections, pavement, jeep roads this might prove to be the set up….Go Wiens! I’m driving up from Copper mtn in the am; hoping to shoot some 1080P HD videos of the race!!!

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