The Story of Lance Armstrong’s SRAM XX Trek Top Fuel 9.9 SSL


This weekend, Lance Armstrong will be in an unusual predicament.  He’ll want to win the Leadville 100, but for probably the first time since his cancer comeback, people will largely be rooting for someone else (if you have to ask who…).

Nevertheless, Trek has outfitted him with one of the finest looking race bikes that’ll grace the dirt this year.  Like the rest of his quiver, this one’s custom painted, this time by the folks in-house at Trek’s Waterloo, WI, offices.  SRAM’s “The Road Diaries” took some photos of the build process and paint job, which we’ve borrowed for your viewing pleasure.

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Custom graphics adorn the frame, from the seatmast to the top tube to the head tube.


Very cool longhorn graphic.


Trek technician Ray Waxham got the duty of building up the bike with a full SRAM XX build, including the Rockshox SID XX fork. The bike got the 28/42 crankset with the 11-36 ten-speed cassette.


The bike was built on July 31, then overnighted for Saturday delivery, giving Lance a week to dial it in (hence the uncut steerer tube) and get it dirty before crushing the locals and taking the Colorado State Championship Pro XC title at Blast the Mass.


The glamour shots before getting shipped out.  Full tech specs of the bike are on SRAM’s blog.


tde - 08/13/09 - 4:08pm

So why didn’t the “technician” trim the fork?

Is he trying to impale Lance?

Scott B - 08/13/09 - 4:10pm

Lance hadn’t tried the bike yet. I am sure once he got it and they fitted it for him they did any trimming necessary.

Marrock - 08/15/09 - 8:41pm

As far as Leadville is concerned, I’m rooting for Fatty. (

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