2010 KONA Mountain Bikes: New Cadabra, Abra Cadabra and More!

2010 Kona Abra Cadabra mountain bike

Kona has seventy-eight unique models of bicycles in their 2010 line up, with 14 brand spank’n new models. And as KONA puts it, “each built to sparkle and shred.” Nearly all of the returning models of 2010 have been touched in some way. Part of that refinement is shaving weight off of existing bike designs. Sixty-one out of the 64 returning models are lighter than 2009. On average their bikes are 8% lighter than last year.

Included in the new mountain bikes for 2010 are the all-new Cadabara, Abra Cadabra (above), Hei Hei 100, Stuff (brought back from retirement), women’s specific Lisa, and the kids Cowan 2-4. Changes were made to the Coilair Deluxe, Stinky Deluxe and Stab Supreme.

Get the full scoop with PICTURES and SPECS after the break…


2010 Kona Cadabra mountain bike

Both are brand new this year. The Cadabra was named through a contest held earlier this year, and the winner will be donating the bike to one of Fatty’s fund-raisers for cancer research. Both bikes featuring Kona’s G2 Magic Link technology, which instinctively changes suspension performance and bike geometry depending on terrain and type of riding. Like most of Kona’s line up, these two bikes feature Scandium tubing, one of Kona’s favorite things. Both bikes, along with many of Kona’s Backcountry and Out-of-Bounds bikes, like the Dawgs and CoilAirs, now come with a tapered head tube: 1 1/8-inches at the top, 1.5-inches at the bottom.


  • Scandium Butted Frame, 160mm Magic Link Travel
  • Tapered headtube w/ 1.5″ lower bearing
  • Fox Float RP23 (6.5 x 1.5) Rear
  • Fox 32 Float RL 150mm fork w/ 15mm Dropouts
  • 69/74.8º head/seat tube angles
  • 429mm chainstays
  • 39mm fork offset
  • Shimano Deore shifters and F/D, XT R/D
  • Shimano M575 disk brakes
  • Shimano SLX BB and crank set
  • Mavic Crossride wheelset
  • MSRP: $2,799


  • Scandium Butted Frame, 160mm Magic Link Travel
  • Tapered headtube w/ 1.5″ lower bearing
  • Fox Float RP23 (6.5 x 1.5) Rear
  • Fox 32 Float RL 150mm fork w/ 15mm Dropouts
  • 69/74.8º head/seat tube angles
  • 429mm chainstays
  • 39mm fork offset
  • Shimano SLX shifters and F/D, XT R/D
  • Shimano SLX disk brakes
  • Shimano XT BB and crank set
  • Shimano XT wheelset
  • MSRP: $3,699

2010 HEI HEI 100

2010-kona-hei-hei-100 mountain bike

In the full suspension cross country line, the new Hei Hei 100 offers more travel and less expensive components than the Hei Hei. Making it more afordable and more forgiving. Like the Cadabra and Abra Cadabra, the Hei Hei 100 has a Scandium frame, hydroformed tubing, sloped top tube, and assemetrical chain stays.

The Hei Hei 100 also uses Kona’s Walking Beam 4-Bar Linkage System. This design makes the linkage stiffer by spreading out the pivots, thus reducing side-to-side movement of the rear end and lateral stress on the shock. Minimizing potential wear problems with the shock. Magnesium rockers are used for their light wight and stiffness, and the bike has an internal headset.


  • Scandium Butted Frame, 4″ travel w/ mag rockers
  • Fox Float RP2 (7.25 x 1.75) Rear
  • RockShox RECON SL Solo 100mm fork
  • 70/73.5º head/seat tube angles
  • 432mm chainstays
  • 39mm fork offset
  • Shimano Deore shifters and F/D, XT R/D
  • Shimano M575 disk brakes
  • Shimano SLX BB and crank set
  • Mavic Crossride wheelset
  • MSRP: $2,499


2010 Kona Coilair Deluxe mountain bike

The Coilair Deluxe is not new for 2010, but has been improved. The frame has been residigned from the ground up to be faster, lighter, stronger and stiffer. The frame is made of butted 7005 aluminum, a tough, durable, affordable, light and dependable alloy.

Like many of Konas bikes, the Coilair Deluxe features hydroformed tubing, a sloping top tube, magic link rear suspension, assymetrical chain stays, a compact rear triangle and tapered head tube from 1 1/8-inches at the top, 1.5-inches at the bottom.

Also on the Coilair Deluxe is Kona’s D.O.P.E. system. Short for Drop Out Performance Enhancement, it is a floating brake system that allows suspension to be fully active while under full brake. A big deal when ripping down the chattery, chundery downhill trails of the world. The system also offers the ability to fit several rear hub types and remains in the frame during wheel removal.

For 2010 the Kona D.O.P.E. System sees improved dropouts to increase stiffness and strength with stronger bolts and an improved interface. Their engineers have added a third bolt and clevis that can’t spread under side load even if the other two bolts were to get loose. The result is a stiffer than ever D.O.P.E. system.


  • Kona Clump 7005 Aluminum Magic 6+1 System
  • Fox Float RP23 (7.5 x 2.0) Rear
  • Fox 36 Float RC2 Taper ST 165mm fork
  • Lighter upper seat stay yoke that 2009
  • D.O.P.E. dropouts
  • Sram X-9 shifters and R/D, Hammerschmidt AM F/D
  • Shimano SLX disk brakes
  • Hammerschmidt AM BB and crank set
  • Mavic Crossline wheelset
  • MSRP: $4,599

2010 STUFF

2010 Kona Stuff dirt jump mountain bike

New for 2010 is the Stuff. They have brought back the adult dirt jump bike, not to be confused with the 2009 kid’s Stuff or the older models of the adult Stuff. The new Stuff shares skeletal DNA with the Shred but is outfitted with a little bit nicer parts, putting it just one step behind the top dog Cowan.

The Suff has a Marzocchi Dirt Jump Two fork with a 20mm thru-axle, Tektro Auriga Comp hydraulic disc brakes and an upgraded Shimano rear derailleur from Atlus to Deore. The frame is made of butted 7005 aluminum, has a sloped top tube, internal headset and compact rear triangle.


  • Kona Clump 7005 Aluminum Magic 6+1 System
  • Marzocchi Dirt Jumper 2 100mm fork w/20mm Dropouts
  • FSA Step Up crank arms
  • RPM ISIS DH bottom bracket
  • Shimano Acera shifters
  • Shimano Deore R/D
  • Shimano Alivio F/D
  • Tektro Auriga Comp hydraulic disk brakes
  • Alex DM-24 rims
  • MSRP: $999


2010 Kona Mountain bikes Stab Supreme

In the last five years, the Stab Supreme won the World Championships twice, and added a silver and a bronze, while grabbing 10 World Cup wins and one overall World Cup Championship. Today it is one of the most imitated designs on the World Cup circuit.

For 2010, Kona reduced frame weight making the built bike sub-40lbs, added tapered headtube and internal headset with oversized bearings for lower stack height, better rigidity, and more surface area to attach to downtube. Improved D.O.P.E. System to eliminate brake jack. Adjustable BB height, geometry and ride characteristics. Shimano Saint, Rock Shox Boxxer World Cup fork, Sun rims. Basically, the lightest, fastest, raddest Stab they’ve ever made.

The Stab Supreme is made of 7005 aluminum, uses the Kona walking beam 4-Bar linkage system, has a sloping top tube, and compact rear triangle.


  • Kona Clump DH 7005 Aluminum, 8″ Travel w/DOPE
  • Fox DHX RC4 (9.5 x 3.0 S=350, M=400, L=450lb) Rear
  • RockShox Boxxer World Cup 200mm fork w/20mm Dropouts
  • head/seat tube angles
  • mm chainstays
  • Shimano Saint shifters and R/
  • E13 LG1 Alloy w/Taco F/D
  • Shimano Saint disk brakes
  • Shimano Saint BB and crank set
  • Shimano Saint hubs
  • Sun MTX 33 rims
  • MSRP: $5,699


2010 Kona Mountain bikes Stinky Deluxe Stink Hammer

The Stinky Deluxe isn’t new for 2010 but it has been upgraded. The new Stinky D, aka “Stink Hammer”, comes stock with SRAM’s new internally geared Hammerschmidt FR. Better clearance, easier shifting and no need for a chain guide. Also new are the Sram X-9 shifters and rear derailleur. The very first freeride bike on the market now looks nothing like it’s former self thanks to a decade of refinements.

It is made of 7005 aluminum using hydroformed tubing, uses the Kona walking beam 4-Bar linkage system, has a sloping top tube, D.O.P.E. system, 1.5″ head tube with internal headset, and compact rear triangle.


  • Kona Clump DH 7005 Aluminum, 7″ Travel w/DOPE
  • Marzocchi ROCO TST R (8.5 x 2.5 15=350lb, 15.5=400lb, 16=450lb, 16.5=500lb, 17=550lb) Rear
  • Marzocchi 66 RC3 180mm fork w/20mm Dropouts
  • 64.2/73.6º head/seat tube angles
  • 440mm chainstays
  • Sram X-9 shifters and R/D
  • Hammerschmidt FR F/D
  • Avid Code 8″ disk brakes
  • Hammerschmidt FR BB and crank set
  • Mavic Crossline wheelset
  • MSRP: $4,999

2010 LISA

2010 Kona Lisa. Women's specific hardtail mountain bike

Thankfully, more women are riding everyday, so Kona has added a couple new bikes to their women’s specific lines. Rounding out the women’s hardtail mountain bikes is the entry level Lisa. New for 2010, the Lisa is modeled after the highly successful Kula cross-country ripper. It features shaped, bi-oval, tapered tubes, an internal headset, sloped top tube, and a compact rear triangle.


  • Kona 7005 Butted Aluminum
  • RockShox Dart 2 w/Turnkey 100mm fork
  • 68/72.8º head/seat tube angles 14″ frame
  • 68/72.3º head/seat tube angles 16″ frame
  • 68.5/72º head/seat tube angles 17″ frame
  • 68.5/71.5º head/seat tube angles 18″ frame
  • 425mm chainstays
  • Shimano Acera shifters and F/D
  • Shimano Deore R/D
  • Tektro Auriga Comp Hydraulic Disc 7″ fr / 6″ rr
  • FSA Alpha Drive Powerdrive BB and crank set
  • Alex Ace-18 rims
  • MSRP: $749

2010 COWAN 2-4

2010 Kona Cowan 24 kids dirt jump bike

The all new 24-inch wheel Cowan 2-4 is a dedicated junior rig for dirt jumping and out-of-bounds riding. It is now the best built kids hardtail DJ bike that Kona offers. It has vertical dropouts on sliders allow for an adjustable wheelbase and better chain adjustment, 7005 aluminum frame, sloping top tube and compact rear triangle.


  • Kona 7005 Butted Aluminum
  • Marzocchi Dirt Jumper 3 100mm
  • 68/72º head/seat tube angles
  • 407mm chainstays
  • Shimano 486 hydraulic disc 6″ brakes
  • FSA Step Up (165mm) crankarms
  • Alex DM-24 rims
  • MSRP: $749


Scandium is one of the lightest and strongest metals in the world.


Scandium is a potent grain refiner that, when added to aluminum alloys, elevates the strength and durability of the material by 50% and allows for weight savings of 10- 15% over their aluminum frames.

Hydroformed tubing is a forming technology that uses a liquid to form the shape of a tube. The process results in a seamless, continuous, aligned piece of metal that can take on heavily shaped forms that can’t be achieved with normal extrusions. This proves especially advantageous at weld points where it can be flared to increase weld areas, essentially, adding strength without adding weight. The result is a strong, flawless frame with great lateral stability, durability and responsiveness.

Sloping Top Tube. As the pioneer of sloping top tubes in mountain bike frame design, Kona has since stayed true to all the many positives this design technology brings to the trail. It allows the top tube to be longer, providing more room for correct positioning and free body movement. It also allows for more standover clearance, critical on dual suspension bikes due to a higher bottom bracket. It also puts the rider in a more secure position for downhill sections of trail.

Magic Link Suspension is designed to both climb and descend exceptionally well. It offers a progressive suspension, with softer suspension in the initial stages of travel. The geometry allows the travel to lengthen and shorten changing the head and seat angle for efficiency without the riders ever noticing the transition.  This video explains way better than a few words here ever could:

Asymmetrical Chainstays. When a riders torques on the pedals, not only are they propelling the bike forward, but also pulling the rear wheel over to the drivetrain side of the bicycle. Asymmetrical stays help to stiffen the rear end. The drive-side stay is straight, while the non-drive takes advantage of no chain rings and chain, incorporating a better structure to improve rear end stiffness.

Compact Rear Triangle. Short chain stays and seat stays provide a balance of stability and power transfer. Shorter seat stays also have less deflection during braking and accelerate quicker than longer stays.

Tapered Head Tube. For bikes using suspension forks, especially longer travel models, a tapered head tube provides more support at the intersection of the top tube and down tube.


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does any know how much the normal coilair will cost.

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