2010 Time Road Bikes and Frames


Time has released photos of their 2010 Instinct and Ulteam road bikes and frames.  In terms of heirarchy, the VXRS Ulteam Worldstar (not shown) leads the pack, followed by the RXR Ulteam (shown above in white with Campy Super Record and Bora Ultra wheels), then NXR Instinct and RX Instinct.

The frames use Time’s RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) manufacturing process. Instead of flat sheets of pre-preg carbon that are wrapped around a bladder, they weave their own tubular braid of carbon in-house then layer them on wax skeleton that’s put in mold and injected with epoxy. Once it’s cured, they melt down the wax, leaving the finished frame.  Time’s rep said “RTM Integral is…using the RTM concept to make a monobloc front triangle; the chainstays and wishbone are tubes that can be easily replace if damaged.”

The 2010 NXR Instinct and RX Instinct will both use BB30 bottom brackets only, while the RXR Ulteam will get BB30 in the Spring.  The primary difference between the NXR and RX is the integrated seatmast on the NXR versus the standard seat post on the RX.

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2010 Time NXR Instinct in White with SRAM Red component group and S60 deep rimmed carbon wheels.


2010 Time NXR Instinct in white with Campagnolo Super Record rear derailleur, cassette and shifter, Chrous front derailleur, FSA cranks and Time Equal wheels.


2010 Time NXR Instinct in black with Dura-Ace and FSA components, and Time Equal wheels


2010 Time  RX Instinct with Shimano Dura-Ace and FSA components, and Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels.  Time will have a second color for this frame available, but it’s not announced yet.


2010 Time  NXR Instinct framesets in White (above) and Black (below).



2010 Time RX Instinct frameset in White.


sam - 08/07/09 - 2:53am

Top picture (with Campag Super Record) is a Time RXR not NXR as detailed on the webpage

Editor - 08/07/09 - 9:53am

Sam, Thanks…I’ve updated the post.

Marco - 10/07/09 - 11:13pm

I believe the RXR Ulteam remains at the top of the range as opposed to the VXRS Ulteam World Star that’s referenced above.

Aaron - 12/30/09 - 5:00am

can you tell me what the second colour for the rx instinct may be ???

vermonique - 05/21/10 - 5:47pm

PLEASE ANYONE can provide me with time rxr or nxr used or new used ok , i m looking to buy a frameset preferably red , time rxr around 3000. 2500 if you can im looking all over used ok i know is a little bit hard but i have been looking for time rxr the day i lay my eyes on it

[…] As predicted, the new models get BB30 bottom brackets for sure, but other details are sparse. Judging by the graphics, they use Time’s RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) frame construction, just like the 2010 models, and it looks like it’s still using their Monobloc front triangle with bonded on stays. This means the stays can be replaced in the event of an accident. […]

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