Update: 2010 Time i-Clic Pedal Specs


We just got the specs on the new Time i-Clic road pedals, the world’s first springless pedal.  Rather than a metal spring, they use a carbon fiber or fiberglass blade, keeping weight low.  The top of the line I-Clic Ti Carbon weighs 183 grams for a pair of pedals and 263 grams for pedals with cleats.

All I-Clic pedals have :

  • 8.5 mm of bioposition (distance of center-of-axle to sole of shoe)
  • 5º angular float, 13º release angle, 2.5mm lateral float
  • 447 mm² platform surface

Four models will be offered:

  • I-Clic Ti Carbon ($450 USD)
    • Titanium axle
    • Carbon fiber body
    • Carbon blade
  • I-Clic Carbon ($250)
    • Carbon fiber body
    • Hollow steel axle
    • Carbon blade
  • I-Clic Racer ($180)
    • Composite body
    • Hollow steel axle
    • Carbon blade
  • I-Clic ($140)
    • Composite body
    • Hollow steel axle
    • Fiberglass blade

Check out the prior post for more pics of each model.


Travis - 08/03/09 - 4:25pm

World’s first springless pedal? What class of pedal are we talking? Speedplay Frogs are springless, but they’re MTB pedals (and popular with recumbent riders).

Neil Wechsler - 08/06/09 - 6:39pm

No, I don’t think they are the world’s first clipless pedals. The old Keywin and Aerolite pedals had no spring. I don’t believe the Cinelli M-71 did either.

Patrick - 08/20/09 - 11:51pm

These look INCREDIBLE. I love all time pedals, I’m going to wait untill at least the 2nd generation of these to see how the blade holds up. My ONLY problem with time pedals has been loss of spring stiffness, I just hope these hold up.

V_class - 01/05/10 - 6:33pm

I think onza may have been slightly before the speedplays (Onza HO), seem to remember having a pair of them in 1995? I think I still have them in a box somewhere, they used elastomer blocks of different hardness to set the tension for entry and release, very simple design and worked well in the mud.

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