First Look: 2010 Ellsworth Enlightenment Full Carbon Hardtail

2010 ellsworth enlightenment 26 hardtail carbon fiber mountain bike with replaceable dropouts for gears or single speed or gates carbon belt drive

Technically, the “first look” was the camera phone spy pics we posted a couple weeks back, but here are the first full production “glamour shots” of the all-new 2010 Ellsworth Enlightenment carbon fiber hardtail.

We spoke to Tony Ellsworth about the bike quite a bit over since he leaked his spy shots to us, and here’s what he’s been saying about this frame:

BIKERUMOR: Excluding the source or type of carbon on the bike, what makes this bike different and/or better than other carbon hard tails?
TONY: Aside from the grapes and the barrel, what makes the wine different? Aside from the Engine and the tires, what makes the car different….
I suppose the detail paid to the lay pattern, and the shapes that channel the energy into and away from the frame would make it special. I’m extremely meticulous when I look at a design challenge. I think the frame will ride with more life then other frames when it comes right down to it, it’s about the liveliness of the frame, it’s ability to flex where it should and not where it shouldn’t, and how it springs back from the designed-in flex features… I’m also quite proud of the graphics…!

BIKERUMOR: Why a hardtail? Given that most people ride full suspension, why not take the energy and effort and put it into a carbon Truth or Evolve?
TONY:What makes you think I’m done??!??!? Mu ha ha ha ha.

More pics, specs and Q&A after the break…

2010 ellsworth enlightenment 26 hardtail carbon fiber mountain bike with replaceable dropouts for gears or single speed or gates carbon belt drive

BIKERUMOR: You mentioned you have a 29er version coming out, too…what’s the ETA on that?
TONY: Both will be available for orders at the trade show. The 29r sample is just a little bit behind, as we’re designing some new tests for that frame.

BIKERUMOR: What’s the MSRP for the 26″ Enlightenment going to be?
TONY: It will be $1995 (frame). There are cheaper frames out there, but with work we’re doing for consistent performance, the trained lay up technicians, the certified material, we’re just not going to be the cheap Chinese carbon frame supplier. Interestingly enough, however, there are some cheap carbon frames with designer names selling for MORE then the $1995, so I believe this beauty represents an exceptional value.

2010 ellsworth enlightenment 26 hardtail carbon fiber mountain bike with replaceable dropouts for gears or single speed or gates carbon belt drive

The dropouts are replaceable, and Ellsworth has different dropouts to allow you to run a full cassette, single speed or even the Gates carbon belt drive, making the bike very versatile.

2010 ellsworth enlightenment 26 hardtail carbon fiber mountain bike

Frame weight for size Medium is 3.0lbs.  You can see the heavily shaped tubes that give it the “lively” feel, and the rear end uses his Dual MonoStay design, which incorporates a bit of vertical flex to smooth the ride out a bit.




Richard Irvine - 07/31/09 - 1:48pm

Ooooh, I’d like one of those.

GenghisKhan - 07/31/09 - 1:55pm

I love new bikes and this one looks smooth! If Tony’s got some extra SS 29ers kickin’ around… ;o)

alloycowboy - 08/01/09 - 10:22am

Question? The new Merida 0.Nine. frame weighs in at 930 grams, the Canyon- Grand Canyon CF weighs in at 1080 Grams, the Tomac type X at 1100 grams, why would I buy a three pound Elsworth Enlightenment?Heck even a generic frame from Inda Composite Technologies out of China comes in lighter at 1250 grams.

Chris BMC - 08/01/09 - 9:05pm

I have been waiting for a carbon Epiphany so hopefully this will come to light soon! Would like to see headtube have 1.5″ on lower race/bearing.

[…] responsible “Rare Earth” carbon fiber material and construction just to make the Enlightenment mountain bike.  No, no, he went ahead and designed two new full-carbon road bikes:  The COercion […]

jazzboy - 08/06/09 - 1:21am

Kinda looks like a $400 Hasa with funky aluminum bolted on…I could be wrong…but that big fatty, barrel head tube…hmmmmm

jizzle - 08/11/09 - 2:26pm

what a joke. rare earth carbon. stfu tony, your dribble is making me sick. you’re so much better than everyone.

James - 08/30/09 - 5:33pm

You guys are full of it ,check out your opening sentence about the new NORCO carbon hardtail ???? there will always be a market for hardtails , simply put they are faster depending on the fitness level of the rider .

fffuuu - 09/02/09 - 4:35am

Barreled headtubes and steep headd angles are so 2004, ditto that 1.5″ lower bearing comment.

Still waiting for some manufacturer to come up with a sub-1500g carbon all mountain hardtail for 5-6 in forks!

EP - 09/23/09 - 1:40pm

for that weight and price i would buy a ti frame……

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