iBikeMount Puts iPhone Front and Center


iBikeMount is readying it’s iPhone case/mount for release as you read this.  Available in black, white, candy apple red, hot pink, lime green, mandarin orange, electric blue and champion yellow, it grabs your iPhone in a sleek holster that mounts to any bar on your bike so all you see is the screen.  Not only should it simplify using the built in maps and GPS, but apps like MapMyRide should be more useful, too.  And, iBM promises that it’s developing some of its own apps to help you get all the data (speed, cadence, etc.) you normally want from a cycling computer on your iPhone.

If you’ve been looking for some way to mount your iPhone on the handlebar and not finding anything, you experienced what iBM founder “Bart” did, too.  Except he did something about it (the hard way), he made his own.  Now you can do something about it (the easy way), get on his email list and he’ll let you know when they start shipping.


Stephen - 07/29/09 - 9:43pm

oh dude this is going to fry soooooo many iphones (sweat)

Ann - 07/29/09 - 10:18pm

So, I guess this will make it possible for the procycling racers to tweet while riding at next year’s Tour de France. WooHoo! It was hard to wait until they got done each day to get updates! :-) I’d like one of these for my BB Storm!

Perry - 07/30/09 - 12:03am

Combine it with Runkeeper GPS sports software and you have a cyclecomputer and GPS killer! Neat!

Jeroen - 07/30/09 - 4:22am

What to think about rain? Some kind of waterproof cover could come in handy…

Arthur - 07/30/09 - 8:47am

Wondering what material (aluminium or plastic) its made of, hope it’s aluminium.
And I agree there needs to be waterproofing.

[…] it seems for some people mounting an iPhone to your handlebar just isn’t enough.  After all, it’s awfully hard to tweet your […]

mattattrent - 08/16/09 - 10:19am

If you want to waterproof your iphone, but it in a ziplock baggie. I do this when I go canoeing. It also has the advantage of floating if it does go in the water thanks to the air in the baggie :)

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