London Cyclist’s “Arm Against Harm”

Hanja, a London cyclist, created the Arm Against Harm. Her invention uses a card board “arm” holding a crayon to keep drivers a safe distance away from road cyclists. Should they come too close, they’ll get a long stripe down their door. But why stop there? I don’t see why my Arm Against Harm couldn’t be holding a key. While it may never reach the market place; it’s a fun to dream. Full story Here.


Grendel - 07/23/09 - 3:53pm

I’ve contemplated this idea myself. I have a four foot stretch of CB antenna I picked up off the road that I would use for the arm. Now I need a break-away mount (a solid mount would allow the bike to be pushed it the antenna were hit square on). The next part would be, do I use something like a grease pencil strapped to the antenna or just expose the end of the antenna?

Hanja - 07/28/09 - 6:04am

Hey sounds cool, for sure the arm/antenna/key whatever you want to use should be flixibel as otherwise it would be dangerous for yourself. But I would put some warning sign to the antenna, as otherwise people/driver might to see it.

And to the blog poster himself. Thanks for sharing. Just found out you posted my video. Best wishes and keep on cycling 😉

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