Lance Armstrong’s Time Trial Bike


The custom Trek Time Trial bike that Lance Armstrong rode in today’s Stage 18 individual TT was painted LiveStrong yellow with some cool drawings.

Hit ‘more’ to see additional photos…





Slonie - 07/23/09 - 1:59pm

This one was pretty awesome!

ohioguy - 07/24/09 - 12:05am

You guys are killing me with all this Lance coverage….
it’s so boring I can’t stand it.
Are you guys going to change the name of this site to Bike Radio Shack too?
you are loosing me fast. Did you notice there are other riders in the tour?
other than contador the doper and LA?

jerm - 07/24/09 - 11:01am

What did AC say to LA after today’s TT?

“Hey Lance, nice bike….it matches my jersey.”

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