Urban Outfitters is now selling Republic Aristotle v1.5 singlespeed bikes on it’s website. You can custom order a vast array of colored components for your bike and have it shipped anywhere in the US for $399 plus $34 for shipping. The Aristotle build is a “nice balance of value and visual” for Republic bikes, whose components come in multiple colors for your mix and match amusement. It also comes with a “flip-flop” hub, where the rear wheel can be flipped from fixed gear to freewheel, whichever you prefer.


Zach - 07/15/09 - 2:56pm

It also comes with deep dish Schraeder valve rims, good luck finding tubes!

mike - 08/22/09 - 1:19pm

you could put a presta adaptor on there to make it long enough and just use the regular schrader tubes

thatoneguy - 11/28/09 - 8:08am

never had a problem with my bike.
and i dont understand why you sad good luck finding tubes never had a problem with tubes or any thing on the bike

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