‘E-Rockit’ Electric Bicycle Hits German Fast Lane at 50mph!

Berlin inventor, Stefan Gulas, has created a electric bicycle. Unlike typical electric bikes that are merely battery powered; Gulas’s design requires the rider to keep pedaling, and amplifies the rider’s effort by a factor of 50. The E-Rockit can hit speeds of up to 50mph!

The Nano-Phosphate Lithium batteries have a range of 60-80 km and an expected life of about 10 years. The first production run of 10 bikes will be this year and have a price tag of about $40,000 USD each.

More pictures of the E-Rockit below…

Berlin inventor Stefan Gulas E-Rockit Electric Bike


Berlin inventor Stefan Gulas E-Rockit Electric Bike


Berlin inventor Stefan Gulas E-Rockit Electric Bike


Evan - 07/13/09 - 10:55pm

I want one, where can I get one???

Matt - 07/14/09 - 8:24am


Google FTW

Only £25,000……

Ahmet - 07/14/09 - 9:22am

Hi, interesting topic – I have just bought an electric bike that I use to get to work everyday. I Just plug in at work to recharge it and then cycle home.
Absolutely love the bike, it was cheap and simple to use. I got it from http://www.elecbikeco.com they seemed good but I am sure there are many other companies out there too.
Good luck

kenneth russo - 07/22/09 - 8:39pm

I am interested in looking into a manufacture license to build your bike here in California. Ken

Bulent Sisman - 06/15/10 - 10:49am

Congratulations.. huge. Not a bit heavy aesthetic.

John Brassey - 12/06/11 - 1:02pm

You can get a three wheeler version in Germany, with a canopy over it. It is so fast that it is good enough for the (slow lane) of UK motorways. It’s called a swingtrike, and retails for about 2000 Euro.

Addisu - 11/28/12 - 6:15am

I would like to buy one how can I get it?

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