Kona Launches Cog Blog About, You Guessed It, Kona Bicycles

kona-cog-blogKona has launched COG, a blog magazine that’s basically a look inside the inner workings of the company and its lifestyle. Here’s what Kona has to say about Kona’s new website about Kona:

“Offering a clean and tight layout, the COG digs into the global reach of Kona Bikes. Daily contributors include: Kona staffers spreading the word on everything from Nine Inch Nails concerts to bike advocacy, Factory Team rider Barry Wicks covering the life and times of a pro CX/XC racer and vintner, Kona racer and Portland, Oregon bike shop owner Erik Tonkin penning posts on the lifestyle of the weekend warrior, CLUMPster John Cowan writing run-on sentences with updates on the CLUMP team and Kona’s Regular Joe reporting on riding dirt from around the world – plus more from other colorful characters and guests. The COG will also feature a wealth of stunning images from pro photogs around the world, a glimpse into the brains and talent behind Kona’s artful ads and posters and, yes, lots of video.”

The Cog will also feature the monthly Kona Online Magazine, a culture guide to cycling and…wait for it…Kona.


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