Giant 29er Mountain Bikes Hitting Stores Now, Pricing Released


We just got word that Giant’s 29ers on on the street.  Halters Cycles in NJ has ’em on their floor, and they gave us the 411 on pricing:

  • XTC 29er 1 = $1950
  • XTC 29er 2 = $1250

There’s still nothing up on the Giant website about these bikes, so Halters must be on the top of the list.  Hit ‘more’ for a pic of the “2”, and check out our previous post for spec lists on these bikes…



Richard I - 06/29/09 - 6:44pm

Seriously, does this mean I’ve got to think about getting another bike? Or will one hardtail MTB with 26in wheels be enough. When will these companies stop coming up with cunning ways to separate me from my money? I’m still saving up for a fixie and now this.

Editor - 06/29/09 - 10:21pm

What? Surely you jest…one bike is never enough. As Mark at Kinetic Koffee likes to say:

Q: How many bikes do you need?

A: Just one more.

Brian - 06/30/09 - 9:48pm

No worries, Richard…once you get your fixie, and then your 29er, a 650b will be demanding your money :-) Yup, “Just one more”.

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