Make Your Own Bike Lane…With Lasers!


Lightlane, a prototype device by Alex Tee and Evan Gant, creates a laser-generated bicycle lane of light on the pavement beside and behind your bike, giving drivers a visual cue to give you more room.

Granted, it only really works at night, and then generally under darker conditions, but the concept is sweet.  Developed for a design contest (which they didn’t win), interest was sufficient that they’re moving forward with development.  Despite the picture above, the actual unit is being designed to have a standard red blinky light, and green laser lines on the ground.

Hit ‘more’ for a real pic of prototype in action and video after the break…

  • High Visibility DPSS Green Lasers
  • Super-Bright Red LED’s
  • 3-Hour Runtime on rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Robust universal attachment bracket
  • Compatible with universal mobile-phone charger standard
  • Patent Pending



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