Lance: Act Now or Governor may Veto ‘3 Feet 2 Pass’ in Texas

lance armstrong petitions texas governor to sign the 3 feet to pass legislation to improve bicycle and cyclists safety

We might be paraphrasing a little (or just making stuff up…six of one, really), but Lance twitted out for Texans to call the Governor’s office and ask him to sign SB488 and HB827 (2009) into law.

These bills provide the “3 feet 2 pass” safety provision that many other states are passing, but according to Lance, the Governor may veto it.  Here’s the number…go nuts: 512-463-2000.


sally - 06/22/09 - 2:51pm

Didn’t the governor veto these bills last week? Did Lance miss the news? Or is this report just out of date?

Editor - 06/22/09 - 4:20pm

We just picked it up a bit late…not living in Texas and all, but posting an update shortly.

[…] little did we know when we posted our call to action earlier today that Texas Governor Rick Perry had already veto’d the bills in question. […]

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