Best Buy to Start Selling Electric Bikes


Best Buy is clearing some shelf space for e-bikes, starting with the Brammo Enertia pictured above, which can hit speeds up to 50mph.  According to Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, they’re also planning for powered bicycles from Currie Technologies (iZip, below left) and Ultra Motors (A2B, below right).

izip-express-electric-bicycle ultra-motor-a2b-e-bicycle

The Brammo will whirr into select locations July 6 and retail for about $12,000 and qualifies for a 10% federal tax credit.  It has a range of about 45 miles and, since you can get a Kia for about the same price or multiple Honda Ruckus scooters, it will likely be a toy for rich people to show off to their friends.

The iZip and A2B, however, retail for around $2,000 to $4,000 depending on the model but, sadly, don’t come anywhere near 50mph.  Via NM Business Weekly.


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