Monkeylectric Releases new LED Video Display

monkeylectric LED video display system for bicycles.Monkeylectric recently released its new LED video display system- the Pro M464Q. The original spinning lights were cool, but the video display (as seen in the video below the break) can display any video or image while you ride. 

It’s too bad the Tour de France and other Tours don’t have night stages. Think about the exposure Lance Armstrong could get for his foundation with these babies on top of his tricked out paint job. 

At around $2000, it makes you ask “how badly to I want to be awesome?”. 

Hit ‘more’, watch the video…it’s insane!


Evan McIntosh - 06/14/09 - 8:24pm

Really, this kicks ass! Coolest thing since streamers. Genius.

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