Harlot Wear Cycling Gear Launches New Website


If mountain biking had fanboys, this would be their fantasy.  Hot girl stopping mid ride to apply makeup, totally sweat free and clean, despite the wet and muddy conditions, and the protective gear shed to the ground…

Anyway, what this post is really about is her clothes (and others like them) from Harlot Clothing Company.  They were kind enough to send along this photo with news that their website has been revamped.  Tagline: “Ride bikes. Be Fabulous.”  I like it.

It gets better: “No neon, no shiny lycra and no bulky pads. Just simple lines and style that let you get on with your sport.”

Their stuff is made in the USA in small batches.  Hit ‘more’ to see some of the clothes, and yes, they have MEN’S harlot clothing, too…

A sampling of the women’s clothing…they actually have a really broad line on their site.

harlot-womens-donkeyt harlot-womens-fabt harlot-womens-knicker


…and some of the men’s stuff:

harlot-mens-shorts harlot-mens-ballst harlot-mens-shorts2


Cassaundra Torres - 06/16/09 - 1:37am

Thats Me-So Cool! :o)

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