(Not Quite) Everything You Wanted to Know About Scandium, from Kona

In Episode 6 of the Dr. Dew Files “edu-promotional” videos from Kona, we get an all too brief history of Scandium.  Here are the important facts:

  • light as titanium
  • more durable than carbon
  • half the weight of steel
  • five times stronger than aluminum
  • discovered by Scandinavian scientist Lars Fredrick Nelson 


Ron - 06/04/09 - 11:01pm

Easton 7000 series (Pantani rode them I think) had .5% scandium. Adding such little additions of scandium to aluminum does probably very little for the stiffness or density of the material. Its all in the marketing. Someone has to convince you to buy their frame because some fancy additive made it more lightweight.

Tony - 08/02/09 - 12:53am

Steel Konas were best.

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