New Nokon Carbon Fiber Cable Housing

soc09-nokon_01 2009 SEA OTTER CLASSIC COVERAGE: TwoWheelogic was showing off several brands at Sea Otter, including Nokon.  Famous for their aluminum cable housing, they’ve launched a new carbon fiber segment housing.  Where the alloy housing kits typically shave about 30% of the weight of standard housing, the carbon fiber version saves about 40%.  It offers the same compressionless performance and ability to handle tight bends as their original system.  MSRP is 266.99 for a shift set, and $77.99 for an extension (versus 101.99 and 20.99, respectively, for their original alloy set).


[…] drop more weight, and they could make it even lighter with Nokon’s new carbon cable housing (see them here).  Cost be […]

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