Specialized Carbon Bicycle Frame Cutaways


Ever wonder what the inside of Specialized’s carbon fiber FSR and Roubaix bikes looks like?  Wonder no more.  Above is the headtube juncture of the FSR showing the carbon steerer tube for their fork.  Note how it’s thicker around the bottom of the downtube.

Hit “more” for pics inside other parts of the bike and their shock and fork cutaways, too…


Click on any of the pics to enlarge them.


The rear Brain unit connects to the…


…rear shock.


The front shock looks a little compressed with no air in it.  All of the damping duties are on the driveside.


The Specialized Roubaix had a full frame cutaway on the front triangle.


Head tube junction.


You can see the bladder remnants used to make the mold.



Cody Blank - 04/20/09 - 12:23pm

I love when companies do cut always, sure I might not always understand what every piece my be, but it has a certain industrial beauty. And really shows the craftsmanship that goes into it.

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