World Cup Mountain Bike Video from South Africa has footage up from the Nissan UCI World Cup opener in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.  Above is the top five DH runs for the men, starting with Gee Atherton.  Greg Minnaar won in front of a home crowd with a time of 3:43.44, kicking Santa Cruz Syndicate teammate Steve Peat out of the interim lead.  Final men’s podium was:

  • Greg Minnaar (3:43.44)
  • Mick Hannah (3:45.69)
  • Steve Peat (3:49.25)
  • Sam Hill (3:50.18)
  • Gee Atherton (3:52.01)

On the women’s side, Great Britain’s Tracy Mosely (Trek World Racing) celebrated her 30th birthday with a “W” by putting more than six seconds on Emmeline Ragot.  Women’s podium was:

  • Tracy Moseley (4:20.15)
  • Emmeline Ragot (4:26.53)
  • Sabrina Jonnier (4:28.61)
  • Fionn Griffiths (4:32.93)
  • Claire Buchar (4:34.20)

Full results on UCI’s website.  Video of the women’s DH after the break… has more video of the 4X and Cross Country events on their site, plus interviews and more.


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