ByeKyle Bicycle Straps Available in Colors


ByeKyle Simple Straps, a utilitarian all-purpose bike strap, now comes in Pink, Red and Green in addition to the original black.

The Simple Strap is a Polypropylene webbing strap with rubber backing that cinches tight around your frame, seatpost or stem to hold tubes, tools, bottles, etc.  It’s $6.99 w/ free shipping from their website (U.S. orders).  We’re reviewing one now and so far it works flawlessly, and numerous pros seem to like it for everything from short XC races to full on 100-milers.


[…] Kyle hand sewed the first few, but now they’re made for him by a place in New Jersey.  To date, he’s sold about 300, and you’ll find them on the bikes of pros like Jeremiah Bishop and Georgia Gould, just to name a few.  They’re also now available in several colors, which we featured here. […]

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