Wisconsin Governor Lobbies for 2016 Olympic Cycling Events


On Monday, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle lobbied for Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, which includes plans for the cycling events to be held in Madison.

He told the IOC that Madison would be an ideal location for the cycling competitions, citing quality bike trails, a high percentage of the population that rides and the fact that Trek is headquartered in the state.  “We have a great bicycle racing culture in the state,” Doyle told reporters. “It really is a very good fit.”

It’s also about 150 miles away from the Chicago epicenter that would host the majority of the other events.  By rail, that’s about two hours…by car, longer, and probably considerably so, given the traffic and increased congestion the Olympics would bring.

Chicago is competing with Tokyo, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Games. The International Olympic Committee will select the site in October.  We posted more on the cycling venues a while back, and you can read the rest of this story at USA Today.


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