Bicycling Hall of Fame Awed by Greensboro, NC


OK, I might be editorializing a bit, but the location selection committee for the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame was very impressed with their visit here and the package we’re offering to get the Hall relocated to Greensboro, NC.

William Brunner (right) and Eddie Albert (left), aka The Search Committee, visited with local cycling groups, advocacy experts, university representatives and elected officials Monday and Tuesday as they toured our lovely city.  If selected, Greensboro will house the Hall of Fame in our recently renovated train station, which is located downtown.  Not only is the location easy to access and convenient to our urban restaurants, bars, etc., but it’ll (A) be located right off our under-construction greenway loop, (B) near the under-construction Civil Rights Museum which, coincidentally, will honor Marshall “Major” Taylor (aka “The Black Cyclone”, the first African-American cyclist to win a World Championship in cycling), and (C) about a 10 minute walk from the World Headquarters.

Props to Neil Belenky, the Chair of our Hall of Fame proposal committee and Dale Brown of Classic Rendevous for pulling our city’s cycling, educational and governmental folk together.  After attending the luncheon yesterday and listening to them speak and talking with William and Eddie and all those in attendance, one thing is clear:  Our community is very, very excited about the opportunity and looking forward to being the new home for the USBHoF.

There’s video from the local news after the break…

It’s down to Davis, CA, and Greensboro, NC, and there’s no official schedule for making a decision as of this post.


Grendel - 04/01/09 - 4:46pm

OK–Stepping back and trying to figure out if this would have been posted yesterday or tomorrow as opposed to April 1. The finest pranks have a grain of truth behind them so this is a REALLY hard call.

—The token bike commuting staff member at NC A&T.—

Editor - 04/01/09 - 8:58pm

No April Fools here…I was at the luncheon and spoke with William. They’re impressed with Greensboro for many reasons, some that are specific to the business of running a museum/hall of fame and others because of the cycling community, events and culture we have here. There are some that would laugh at the idea of a “cycling culture” in Greensboro…but we do have a lot of cyclists here, some great advocacy that’s helping put better infrastructure in place and a lot of excitement from the people that are working to bring it here.

From what I’ve learned, there’s a great deal of opportunity for our community that stems from having such a prestigious organization based here, enhancing our already fine higher education systems, increasing tourism revenue and so much more.

Bill Brunner - 04/02/09 - 9:16pm

The Hall of Fame does see great opportunity in Greensboro because of Action Greensboro, Niel Belenky and his group, Dale Brown and of course

Bill Brunner
Chairman Home Search Committee
US Bicycling Hall of Fame

Editor - 04/02/09 - 9:47pm


bikegreen - 04/03/09 - 10:54pm

Action Greensboro is responsible for taking money way from bicycling projects in Greensboro and diverting it to other pet projects.

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