Pi Electric Bicycle has Style and Substance

Forget all those dumpy looking electric bicycles that look like pared down mopeds or commuters with a battery pack stuck to it.  The Pi Mobility e-bike helps you run green and look good doing it.  Hidden inside the extruded recycled aluminum arc are some nifty tech features that let you go up to 25 miles on a charge at top speeds of 20mph with no pedaling.  If you feel like pedaling along with the motor, you can get up to 100 miles or more of assisted riding.  They claim it can tackle 25% grades…and it’s built in San Francisco, CA, to handle their local streets, so I wouldn’t doubt it.

The seat and handlebars are adjustable to accomodate riders from 5’2″ up to 6’8″ with an air-lift seat feature.  Read “more” to see pricing, specs and more pictures showing the range of adjustability…

The seat and handlebars adjust up, down, front and back to give you a range of positions from upright to almost recumbently laid back.

The bike comes with Shimano Alfine 8-speed shifting, with a 14-speed Rohloff internal gear hub available as an option.  Other options include panniers and a GPS recovery transponder in case someone ‘accidentally’ rides off on your Pi.  There are several different paint and finish options, also.

Pi claims it costs only about 10¢ to charge the Lithium Ion batteries and you’ll get about a 1,500 mpg equivalent.  You can have your Pi and ride it too for a mere $2,450 (base price).  The batteries are housed inside the frame, and they drive a 24V/400watt flywheel motor.  More powerful motors (up to 48V/750watt) are available.


ebikelover - 03/09/09 - 9:10pm

I think that this bike was first written up in the LA Times several years ago. Is it actually available for sale?

Editor - 03/10/09 - 8:37pm

From the looks of their website, it appears to be available for order.

Larry - 03/11/09 - 6:05pm

That standover height looks brutal.

[…] you have no idea what a Pi Mobility bicycle is, read our other post for details, but basically, it’s an electric motor bike with Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub and a […]

Jim Chin - 05/13/09 - 10:48pm

Updates on Pi cycles: (1) The Pi Mobility website is being revised and updated; (2) production of Pi cycles will probably not really get going until later this year; and (3) the projected price of a Pi cycle will be less than many currently available high end e-bikes.

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