Totally Customizable 1:9 Model Bikes

Pedal ID by Yamato has some really cool 1:9 scale model bicycle kits, and they offer everything you need to build up a replica of your own whip, like white tires, chains, deep aero wheels, stems and handle bars and saddles in every color of the rainbow.  They even have extremely detailed crank and pedal kits.  The downside?  The entire site is in Japanese.

Click “more” to see pics of the parts…

Start with the basic CroMo frameset, which you can order from Yamato’s U.S. toy website, then start customizing it.

Various wheels are available in an assortment of colors…

…onto which you can put white or black tires with a matching chain.

Then find the perfect matching seat color from the set…

…and finish it off with the right pedals, cranks…

…bars and stems.

Wanna play with it virtually?  PedalMafia has an online model simulator that lets you build your own bike.  You will waste about 15 minutes of your life, starting…now.  This is what I built:


[…] found these Pedal ID bicycle model kits from Pedal Mafia.  We did a post on Pedal Mafia a while back, they make kits to create your own miniature bikes complete with working cranks, […]

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