Denver, CO, to get Urban Downhill Park

Courtesy of Winter Park Ski Resort, the Ruby Hill Rail Yard on the west side of Denver will be getting a downhill mountain bike course in the inner city.

Planned as an extension of their popular ski and snowboard park (for which WInter Park provided the stunts), Winter Park will pay for the construction and maintenance of the bike course.  Initial details about the design are slim, but to get an idea of the passion for mountain biking that Winter Park has, watch the video above, which shows current and planned MTB offering at their Trestle Bike Park.

Since it’s winter, check the 2nd video of the ski/snowboard ramps, rails and jumps when you read “more“…

Conceived as an opportunity to provide multicultural inner city youth the opportunity to try skiing and snowboarding for free and close to home, the Ruby Hill Rail Yard opened in January 2007.  Let’s hope just as many new kids take advantage of the opportunity to try mountain biking, too!

More info at Denver Westword and Snowboard Revolution.


Alex Becker - 12/26/08 - 12:19am

This would be an absolutely wonderful thing for Denver! Please help promote this for the sake of healthy progressive urban mtb freeride, let’s get this going,

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