Zero Gravity Releases Gravitas Carbon Brakes

2009 zero gravity gravitas carbon fiber road bike bicycle brake caliper 160g ultra lightweight race racing cycle zero g anti-gravity

Zero Gravity has just announced their Gravitas, an all-new carbon fiber road brakeset that weighs 40g less than their Zero G!  They claim it’s more powerful than their Negative G (we did a post on both of those here that explains the mechanics of these brakes) and it’s available in custom colors at no charge.

That weight claim puts these squarely around 156g per SET!  They’re taking pre-orders now…MSRP is $1,200 USD.  That’s $7.69 per gram, if you’re counting.

They’ve also just introduced a custom program that lets you have custom anodized colors for each piece of the brake!  Hit “more” for details and links…

zero gravity custom brake order road bike bicycle cycle titanium hardware zero g negative

Check out the Custom Order site here.  You can play with it and see what color combos would work good with your bike.  I’m partial to this orange/white/blue combo I put together…reminds me of a really cool bike website…

For retailers willing to order 10+ pieces, you can even get custom logo engraving on the brakes.  The brakes have full Ti hardware and are shipped direct from Ciamillo (ie. Zero Gravity).


Charles Nighbor - 11/10/08 - 6:59pm

Hope they stop

B - 11/10/08 - 11:52pm

1200 dollars for a set of brakes is a lot of coin. I bet a lot of this has to do with the ferocious fund raising needed for Ciamillo’s deepwater adventures. See this post

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