Interbike 2008 – Foes Racing 2009 Bikes

NOTE: This video is available in HD! Mouseover the video, click the “HD is Off” button, then click in the middle and a new Vimeo window will open with the HD version.

Brent Foes was in the booth to give us a run down of his new 2009 Foes Racing bikes.  Watch the vid to see the new ProLite XC hardtail, the 2:1 ProLite XC FS race bike and the 7″ travel RS7 DH Race Bike, then click “more” to see pics and get more info…

2009 foes racing rs7 downhill mountain bike bicycle interbike 2008

The RS7 is intended for downhill racing on technical courses.  Two years in development, it uses Foes’ 2:1 leverage ratio, meaning one inch of shock stroke movement for every two inches of rear wheel travel.  The full explanation is here, but the gist is that more shock movement allows for more effective adjustments with lighter pressure, so your suspension is more responsive to the trail and to your settings.

The RS7 also has Foes’ brake support that keeps the caliper in the same position regardless of suspension movement.

The monocoque toptube is little short of beautiful craftmanship.  It gives the bike a very modern/industrial look and no doubt adds strength to the frame’s junctions.

2009 foes racing prolite 2:1 full suspension mountain bike bicycle interbike 2008

The 2009 Foes ProLite 2:1 full suspension bike is an XC race bike with 3.5″ travel that uses, as you can guess from the name, the 2:1 leverage ratio.

2009 foes racing prolite 2:1 full suspension mountain bike bicycle interbike 2008

2009 foes racing prolite hardtail mountain bike bicycle interbike 2008

The ProLite hardtail also uses a nicely shaped monocoque toptube and a bi-ovalized downtube to keep the steerer tube and bottom bracket stiff.

Looks like the Terminator.


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