Fibre Flare – The mini lightsaber for your bike

It seems the lighting innovations are out in droves, and this one’s as cool as any we’ve seen.  The Fibre Flair will be making its official debut at Interbike, but we got a sneak peek.  The Fibre Flare features 180° visibility from up to 1,000 feet (300m) away and runs for 75+ hours on two AAA batteries.  It comes with silicone attachment slings for sticking it to your frame, but, sadly, lacks the cool zzzsshoooo sound of a lightsaber when you turn it on.

Speaking of lightsabers, check the “more” link for some video of homemade versions and guys that take them entirely too seriously.


Jax - 05/11/09 - 11:09pm

Check out the new Fibre Flare video Clip… its fresh!!!

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